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1PCS New SCS210AM TO-220F

1PCS New SCS210AM TO-220F

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  Original disassembler used: The price is also cheaper than the original, but there is a chance of undesirable rate, the product will be checked and shipped. There is also a probability of undesirable rate, we do not provide free replacement services, if you want 100% good products, please purchase original products. The length of the foot of the disassembled product is some longer and some shorter, so the uniform length cannot be guaranteed.
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 国产产品和翻新产品不属于 与原产品相当。有的产品参数可以达到原来的参数,有的产品达不到原来的参数,但是价格会比原来便宜很多!建议先测试 购买样品,注意这不是原装产品,如果您想要原装,请购买原装
 使用的原始反汇编程序:价格也比原来便宜,但有一个不理想率的机会, 产品将被检查和装运。不良率也是有概率的,我们不提供免费更换服务,如果您想要100%好的产品,请购买原装产品。拆卸的支脚的长度 产品有长有短,不能保证长度均匀。
 如果被快递公司丢失或延误,请不要在第一时间挑起纠纷。请联系客服,我们会 咨询快递公司,为您协商结果!


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